Easy to pay everywhere.

Payment system that is fully functional, convenient and powerful. Make transactions secure without any interruptions.

Various payments supported

Increases online payment channels through Vizepay payment system that supports internet banking, bank transfer, ATM machine and Skrill wallet.

Easy to use with just few steps

Flexible Deposit – Withdrawal. Vizepay gathers all functions for online payment and money management in one stop. The system is always available that is 100% stable systems making your payment safe and smooth throughout the whole process.

Sign in

Easy access to Vizepay with your username and phone number. You can use all users you have.

Deposit – Withdrawal

Making transaction automatically, just select users and specify the amount of money needed.

Approve transaction

Only 5-10 minutes after submitted for checking and approving the transaction. It is very easy and convenient processing.

Why you should choose Vizepay?

Flexible Deposit – Withdrawal. Vizepay gathers all functions for online payment and money management in one stop. Can be used anywhere. Easy, convenient, fast and secure. Away from risk and protects your sensitive data.

Advanced security

SSL encryption and OTP encryption standards reduce risk and protect your data.

Excellent support

24 hours customer service, to ensure that your transactions will proceed smoothly.

Advanced security

100% guaranteed reliability. With over 10 years of service experience, no need to worry that your transactions will stumble and be compromised.

About us

We aim at and develop systems that can accept online payments conveniently, securely and seamlessly, as a basis of that will help us achieve success all the time to make everything as easy as possible for our customers, including the ability to work smoothly on a variety of desktop devices and cellphones. This is to make build customers’ confidence. Avoiding worries about the complexity of the payment system.

Smooth payment experience for your customers with a high secure internet banking payment system. To increase online payment channels for customers easily.

Safety system guaranteed

With the highest security system of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) by making payment transaction through website (Tokenization), which helps to reduce white pages from changing the website and this, is a real-time payment system. Support both internet banking and e-Wallet payment in one place.

The system has acquired the standard of data security in accordance with the safety standards accepting payments of PCI DSS from independent auditors. You can be assured that we can keep, process and receive - sending card information safely according to international policies and requirements.

Our services

Vizepay offers an online payment system that will help you deposit – withdraw multiple channels and provides excellent support from our team.

Real-time payment

Every transaction through the system will automatically show transaction status in real time. Thus we will receive your information instantly. There is no need to miss out or queue.

Multiple payments

Offer payment options for customer to make payment via Internet Banking, E-wallet and Cryptocurrency. We are available 24 hours every day.

Transaction history

You can check your every list of your transactions in the previous 50 transactions in all users you have. Rest assured you will not miss any transactions you made.


We gather frequently asked questions or inquiry for you here. If you have additional questions, you can contact us anytime. We’re available to service you 24 hours.

What bank and currency do Vizepay support?

We accept every bank in Thailand and world wild for Skrill wallet and we accept Thai baht (THB) only.

Which channels can be paid through?

There are bank transfer channels such as internet banking, ATM and mobile apps and E-wallet payment channel such as Skrill.

How long does it take to approve transaction?

Only 5-10 minutes after submitted for checking and approving the transaction. However, depends on the bank (in times it is under maintenance or bad gateway). We will do the transaction list as fast as possible.

How secure and reliable is Vizepay?

Accepting payments without worry & risk free or protecting personal information. We give priority to your personal information. Your information is encrypted and will not be disclosed. Every transaction will be Hashing with MD5 algorithm and sending data via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 256bit and every transaction must pass OTP(A one-time password) for maximum security.